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Avro's mighty Vulcan was the mainstay of the RAF's V-Bomber force throught the 1960s and '70s. With the retirement of the Valiant and the conversion of most Victors to the tanker role, the Vulcan soldiered on, both as a freefall bomber and with the Blue Steel standoff missile. At the very end of her career, the Vulcan was called on to drop bombs in anger for the first and only time during the Falklands War in 1982, albeit not the nuclear weapons envisioned when she was designed. The Vulcan will forever be the symbol of the RAF's deterrent force in those crucial two decades of the Cold War.

Our decal sheet will allow you to build virtually any Vulcan B.Mk.2 that ever flew. We have provided full stencil data and national insignias for both the anti-flash white scheme and the later camouflage schemes. Multiple variations on several squadron badges are provided, as are several non-standard 'zaps'. Many extremely tiny details have been printed using a special process that allows incredible detail to be preserved - we invite you to check it out with your 10x loupe!

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