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This decal sheet is loaded with Merlin engined Spitfire marks including the I, V, IX and two Packard-Merlin XVIs. Each Spitfire depicted on this sheet tells a fascinating story. We begin with two Mk Is from 610 Squadron, one of them flown by ace-in-a-day Ronny Hamlyn. Next is a 611 Squadron Vb flown by Scottish ace Eric “sawen off” Lock. Also included are three American flown Vbs from 121 “Eagle” Squadron, the 107th Observation Squadron, and a United States Navy artillery spotter from VCS-7. All of the Mk IX Spitfires found on this sheet belong to Wing Commanders Dickie Milne, Al Deere, Harry Bird-Wilson, and Johnny Checketts. The Mk XVIs included were both used as fighter-bombers against Hitler's terror weapon, the V-2. These markings were inspired by the recent offering of Spitfire kits (blessings all!) from Airfix, Eduard, and Tamiya.

Carmichael Hellcat decal sheet

Carmichael Hellcat decal sheet







Spitfire Historical Image Spitfire Historical Image Spitfire Historical Image