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Squadron Leader
Ioannis Agorastos Plagis

Hartley, Southern Rhodesia

Spitfire Mk IXc ML214 & NH295

No 126 'Persian Gulf' Squadron, ADGB

RAF Harrowbeer

July - December1944

John Agorastos Plagis was born in Southern Rhodesia to Greek parents. He volunteered for the Royal Air Force in 1940 having been turned down by the Rhodesian Air Force earlier. By 1942 he was flying Spitfires Vs over Malta where he had considerable success. In July 1944 "Johnny" Plagis was given command of 126 Persian Gulf Squadron and he chose Spitfire ML214 "K" as his mount. On the 24th of July he shot down a BF 109 and on 14 August Plagis downed an FW 190, a Bf 109, and damaged another Bf 109 which brought his total air-to-air victories to 16 (15 and 2 shared). Plagis made no further claims during the war although he did lead 126 Squadron on several bomber escort missions including the succesful-yet-tragic Shellhaus raid on the Gestapo HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark (by this time 126 Sqn had switched to Mustangs).

Plagis decal sheet

Plagis decal sheet
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Spitfire Mk IXc ML214 Spitfire Mk IXc ML214