Lance Wade Spitfire sticker placement

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Squadron Leader Lance Wade, RAF

Broaddus, Texas

Spitfire Mk.VIII, JF472

No. 145 Squardon

San Severo, Italy

November 1943

American Lance Wade was a true Yank in the RAF. Near the end of his combat career Squadron Leader "Wildcat" Wade flew a Spitfire VIII with the serial JF472 and the codes ZX-J. Wade made his final claims in ZX-J; 2 Fw190s destroyed on 2 October and 3 more FW.190s damaged on 3 November. Recently, a photo surfaced of JF472 (surrounded by sheep) taken at San Serevo, Italy on 6 November 1943. Some points of interest for the enthusiast include the presence of extended wing tips and the non-standard "J" used for the codes. Also of note is the lack of a S/L pennant beneath the windscreen. Before the year was out Wade was promoted to Wing Commander and appointed to Desert Air Force Staff HQ. However, the appointment was short lived. Wade was killed 12 January 1944 when his Spitfire crashed on take-off from Foggia.

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Lance Wade Spitfire sticker placement Lance Wade Spitfire sticker placement Lance Wade Spitfire sticker placement