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LT(jg) Daniel A. Carmichael

Washington, D.C.

F6F-5 (BuNo unknown)

VBF-12 USS Randolph

near Okinawa

April 1945

Lt. (jg) Daniel Archibald Carmichael joined VBF-12 on the USS Randolph in January 1945 having already claimed 9 kills with VF-2 (USS Hornet) in 1944. In typical fashion the Randolph's fighter-bomber squadron claimed more aerial kills (74) than the desgnated fighter squadron VF-12 (51). By the end of May "Danny" Carmichael had earned a Silver Star and the Distninguished Flying Cross flying air support for the Iwo Jima and Okinawa landings as well as air strikes on Honshu and Tokyo. He also added 4 confirmed kills to bring his tally to 13, which are proudly displayed on the starboard side of Hellcat #59, the Navy way.

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Carmichael Hellcat Historical Image Carmichael Hellcat Historical Image Carmichael Hellcat Historical Image