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F4U Corsairs

What can be said about Chance-Vought's venerable Corsair that hasn't been said already? Nothing, right? Well wait till you get a load of our sheet of bent wing birds! We're sure you'll see the “bent-winged-bird” a little differently … we sure do! This sheet is dedicated to the -1A in several forms. It includes Marine F4Us from VMF-214, 215, 223, 321, 351, 441 & 512 … as well as a few Royal Navy Corsairs, too. And, there are a few aces present and accounted for, such as “Pappy” Boyington, Marion Carl, Donald Aldrich and Royal Marine “Ronnie” Hay.

Corsair decal sheet
1/48 and 1/72 Decal Sheet





Corsair Corsair Corsair