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Maj. James Setchell (pilot)

Capt. Jerome C. Alexander (navigator)

F-8 Mosquito 43-324926 (ex KB315)

3rd Photographic Group (Reconnaissance) 12th AF

La Marsa, Tunisia

November 1943

Setchell and Alexander delivered Mosquito 43-324926 to the MTO via Canada, England, Tunisia, eventually Italy. Nicknamed "the Spook" after Setchell's son, 3324926 was the only de Havilland Canada built B.VII to be used in a combat theatre by the USAAF. In October the Spook arrived at La Marsa, and by December Setchell and the Spook were transferred to San Severo. On both the 15th and 16th of January 1944 "the Spook" flew through intense flak yet returned with valuable photographic reconnaissance, earning Setchell the DFC. The Spook met it's demise during a crash landing 19 August 1944 with another crew.

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