F8 Mosquito sticker placement

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British Overseas Airways Corporation

Mosquito FB VI


Leuchars, Scotland

May 1943 – May 1945

Throughout the war the British Overseas Airways Corporation maintained regular flights between Leuchars, Scotland and Stockholm, Sweden. The route was treacherous due to poor weather and the fact that much of the time was spent flying over occupied Norway. By the end of 1942 the BOAC were looking for a fast and dependable airplane that could avoid enemy fighters and still deliver and extract sensitive material from neutral Sweden. Enter de Havilland's "wooden wonder", the Mosquito. The first Mosquito allotted the BOAC was PR IV DZ411. Soon after, the BOAC acquired six unarmed FB.VI Mosquitoes: HJ680, HJ681, HJ718. HJ720, HJ721, and HJ723. They were given the civilian codes G-AGGC to AGGH. The BOAC Mossies were vital in transporting important documents to and from Sweden, as well as a few passengers and essential materials in their bomb bays. This sheet will allow the modeler to depict any of the first six BOAC FB VI Mosquitoes in either the early or the later scheme.

BOAC FBVI decal sheet

BOAC FBVI decal sheet
1/32 Decal Sheet



F8 Mosquito BOAC PRIV Historical Image
F8 Mosquito BOAC PRIV Historical Image
F8 Mosquito BOAC PRIV Historical Image