We are fündekals. You've seen our work under other brand names, but we've decided to strike out on our own - with a twist. Keenly aware of the ever-increasing cost of models, reference material, and aftermarket goodies, we've set out to bring you great subjects in a new way and at a reasonable price.

For the most part, our decals will cover only one subject in your preferred scale. Our policy is to print sheets once, in limited quantities, then move on. If you see something you like, get it now!

We might provide alternate versions of the subject where we have solid research data to back it up. If it fits, we will print it. On the other hand we may not include things like national insignia if those provided in the target kit are acceptable. These smaller sheets will have smaller prices, too!

A majority of our decal sheets will cover World War Two era aircraft. But we're not going to limit ourselves and actively solicit your input on ideas for subject matter.

To order use the "add to shopping cart" buttons near the the bottom of each page. In an effort to keep prices as low possible we make our instructions sheets available to you in PDF form which you can download from left side side of each page. You can reference them right on your computer, or print them out for use on the bench. Your decals will be bagged and shipped to you in a sturdy mailer with your receipt.

Thank you for using fündekals! Stop by often!

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